Carter&Carter Solicitors

The most honest solicitors

Guardians of Beauty

Carters are cool solicitors in Great Britain. Moreover, they are the guardians of Beauty
If your visit to the salon went wrong, these guys would get you compensation

We decided to make the landing page light and clean.

  • Landing page;
  • Great-looking light design;
  • Responsive;
  • User-friendly landing page

project features

'Call to Action' button

The first thing you see on this landing page is the specification of solicitors and a big button to make a free inquiry to them.


We added a special favicon :)


We like to add some interesting details in simple things. For example, this stripped pattern on the background.

Cute form

The primary goal of every landing page is the sale. So we add this extraordinary form with the inquiry to our landing page.

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Responsive landing page

This landing page is fully responsive, so you can easily open it on any device :)

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make an order

You can hire us now. All you need is to fill a little form to let us know about your order. After filling the form, we’ll contact you as soon as possible.


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