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"Prominvestbank" has a spesial card in a cooperation with "Apteka nizkih tsen" and "Synevo" medical laboratory. So they were needed a landing page for this card. And we've made this landing page, and we're really proud of this one!

  • Beautiful, healthy design;
  • Excellent effects;
  • Front-end work;
  • Calculator;
Only relevant information on landing page.

project features

Everything is breathing

The whole website is breathing, starting with slider and finishing with footer. A lot of green colours, healthy images and light design - this will give you at least the good mood :)


One special favicon for "Health club" :)

Unique images

We've pained some unique images special for Prominvestbank, check them!

Healthy blocks

We've designed some cute blocks to help the users understand, that this Special card - is not only serious decision, but a lot of fun too, for example, a couple of gifts from partners!

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Gift block

You can find a "gift block" on this landing page. And this block is also green :)

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