Kinesiology for animals

Health Kinesiology has been used extremely successfully on animals, although practitioners only work with the animals if they have the approval of a vet and the owner is present, or the adoption of the owner if the animal is not under the care of the vet.
There is a useful website called Respect Animals. It contains a wealth of useful information for pets owners, including information about specialist Astrid Ramseyer, notes on vaccination, correct feeding, and other interesting topics.

We were going to do:

  • 7 pages including hover-effects and popups;
  • Fully responsive design;
  • Use the design elements which our customer had painted;
  • Create a light and clean design;
  • Full front-end development.

project features

Beauty is everywhere

You can see a lot of curly decorators all over the website. It's all about our dear customer. She has created the logo and icons by herself, so we just used her logo's motives through the website :)

Cute favicon

The logo is incredibly cute. We liked it a lot. Yeah, we even have such a talented customers ^__^

Funny icons on buttons

These beautiful icons have been created by our customer too! So now you see, how much of herself is on this website... :)

Style for images

These leaves as a border for an image we took from the logo. And because of a couple of these things around the website it's looking such harmonic and lovely.

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Elegance and simplicity

We have created these flowers for our dear customer, and she liked them a lot :)

We have included these flowers into the block about Aromatherapy to cause the user some relevant associations.

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