Webstudio in Spain

Stebicom - is a web studio located in Spain, and they asked us to create a great design for them. They liked their logo a lot, so our customers wanted to have a design appropriated to this logo. The first thing we thought seeing the star as a logo - a theme of space.

We were going to do:

  • Create a professional and harmonic design;
  • Fully responsive design;
  • To cope in the short term;
  • Fit the style of logo (the Stebicom's logo is a star)

project features

We are getting crazy of this background!

First, you visiting the site - you will think something like: "WOOOOW" :) And you will right. It is the wow-looking background of space motives. Also, we have integrated a laptop and duplicated the backgrounds motives as shadows on it. Here is an excellent effect of text block with opacity... Inspiring a lot :)

Nice favicon

And as always, one favicon for Stebicom company :)

Slice of Space

We can mention this background again and again :) just want to draw your attention to the harmonious match the entire site once again.

Cool icons

You can see an interesting effect of transition from block to block with a decorative arrow above the block. And also we have created some cool associative icons in the Services block.

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Always responsive

Web-studio must has a great looking website. So it is important to have an adaptive design. We did our best to make it good :)

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