Repair your computer in Netherlands

A company in Netherlands named "UwNerd" which provide computer's repair.

We were going to do:

  • 7 pages, including hover effects and popups
  • Fully responsive design
  • Short term
  • Calculator
  • Front-end development.

project features

Calculate from the start

Logo and favicon

Logo & favicon for UwNerd

Cute buttons :3

Buttons :)

Unique elements

This website is not so simple, as you’ve thought! There you can see an interesting shadow effect of the titles, and skewed coloured blocks for Services.

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Feel free to use your mobile and tablet :)

People are visiting the sites using different devices even more than a home computer today. The situation with the breakdown of the computer can be happen at any time, and it is necessary to let the user an opportunity to order the reparation from any other device. That's why we have made an adaptive design for UwNerd.

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make an order

You can hire us now. All you need is to fill a little form to let us know about your order. After filling the form, we’ll contact you as soon as possible.


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