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Full redesign


This website we created for our friend who wanted to make a redesign of his existing website for a long time, and once, we've done this :). Now he is happy to have a modern, clean and responsive website:3

  • Clean, minimalistic design;
  • Fully responsive;
  • Full front-end work;
  • User-friendly navigation;
  • Great color scheme;
  • Cool unique icons.

project features

User-friendly interface

Here is a very convenient navigation menu on this website. Besides, you can easily check the domain right here and without any scrolling down. We've did our best to make your travelling through the website with comfort :)

Favicon for "Wild Host"

Serious lion as a favicon for serious company :)


Here're unique icons style. Just look to this perfect gradient colours and thin lines :)


We've designed a pretty blocks for information about prices and description of server's power. Also you can easily order the one you like by pressing the button below.

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Open for mobile

Here're you can see a website menu on mobile device. We've put it here to show you, that "Wild Host" can be easily open on your mobile :)

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make an order

You can hire us now. All you need is to fill a little form to let us know about your order. After filling the form, we’ll contact you as soon as possible.


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