MODx services

We work with MODx CMS and realy LOVE it's flexibility and user-orientation. We have an experience working with it for more then 9 years.

What is MODx?

MODx - is a free professional Content Management System (CMS) and a framework for web applications, designed to provide the organization and collaborative process of creating, editing and managing the content of the sites. MODx is distributed for free under the GPL license with the open source software code (Open Source). This means that the system MODX can be used by everyone: both for personal use and commercial distribution of the websites, built on this management system. MODx is written on the programming language PHP and is used for storing data (RDBMS) MySQL or MS SQL.


Your designer makes design, we code it on html and move on MODx. No problem.


You have a html template need to work on MODx. No problem, it will work.

Additions for MODx

You work with MODx but need something custom. We'll help you.

Upgrade MODx

We provide upgrades for your MODx.

Consultation MODx

You may ask us. We know it well and can answer most of your questions.

SEO for MODx-website

We provide SEO for your MODx websites.


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